Nobex Radio Companion Review

Nobex Radio Companion Review
Posted by sunnypad on Sep-18-2009

I reviewed Nobex Radio Companion for the BlackBerry today for today. It was pretty fun. The actual article and testing didn’t take that long. What took long was me researching and playing with getting screenshots off my BlackBerry.

Chad from themes4bb suggested I use CaptureIt. CaptureIt is a (free!) great little tool- takes screenshots right from your menu and dumps them into your photo directory. It’s perfect! However, there was no menu seletion inside Radio Companion. So I had to find another method.

Researching takes time! I dug awhile and found BBScreenShooter. Also free! One needs to go to a bit of effort to find a Javaloader.exe file in order to get it to work. I went to the RIM site as suggested but couldn’t find the tool – it’s probably hidden in the Developer’s kit which I didn’t feel like downloading. I found a link to the file on CrackBerry and loaded it into the BBScreenShooter directory. Voilà! Great screenshot of the radio screen.

It took me a few short moments to set up my directories and to make sure I got the program assigning file names correctly. A wonderful little program.
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1. Mary Branscombe Said,

You can also assign CaptureIt to one of the convenience keys and then you can capture anything – including app menus. I found BBScreenShooter cumbersome to set up, and while it’s nice to have the choice I haven’t had to use anything but Capture It for the reviews I do for Know Your Mobile (hope you don’t mind the plug in exchange for the info!)


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