Inexpensive Crafts

I love crafts and don’t do them enough. OK rarely.   Homemade beaded chandeliers are nice, however they just don’t have a practical purpose to me. However, my interest in finding some crafts I do love heightens when I find cheap, easy, beautiful and useful crafts like these. I’m all about the looking-good as well as the practical.

Homemade Apothecary Jars

Dollar Store Crafts was the guest blogger on SomeDay Crafts – the how-to-make the apothecary jars is there.

Push Pin Flowers

Dollar Store Crafts also has a cute flower push pin craft. It makes me realize I need to buy some of these cute dollar store items and get creative.

3 thoughts on “Inexpensive Crafts

  1. Lisa, your crafts are beautiful. And your banner is awesome. Do you live near such a place? Good luck with the plans to work on that patio door. Life is a process. And it takes time to get things just as you want them. Beth

  2. That’s not my banner; that came with the WordPress theme! hehee Hmm you’ve given me an idea though; I should find a nice place around here, take a picture and put it in place of the banner…

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