Out of Commission

My computer’s been out of commission for nearly a month. I’m using my old computer but have to share with my son.

I’m working on fixing my laptop but every time I try some obstacle appears. Restoration cds? Did not work. First replacement drive I bought? Sounded like a lawnmower. Back to Best Buy for another – and restoration cd still did not work. Called the folks I bought computer from and demanded my actual Windows discs. They sent them. Why they didn’t include them with the system I have no idea…

I finally received the Windows discs. They included XP (on my original drive) and also Vista (which they had to install last year when it went in for repair – the new graphics card wouldn’t work with XP drivers). Then I realized that I had 64-bit Vista, and they sent me 32-bit. So I had to call and ask for the 64-bit version. I know the guy was peeved with me but I’m sorry. I hadn’t received this disc, so I called two Saturdays ago again – the guy that was peeved with me hadn’t sent it. He wasn’t there that day and the tech sent it out for me (thank you, guy!)

So then Thanksgiving holidays came – my daughter came home from college. And here I am today, finally having time to try to install Windows on the new drive. Let’s see what happens. I did try Repairing the original drive but it’s not letting me. Problem could be the drive controller. If it’s that, then I’m going to give up on that laptop and put together my own desktop.

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