Moving My Site

Been working all week on moving my website contents at over here. I’m going to close my site, basically. Why pay $5 a month (when I’m not working) to keep it open? I will keep the domain and point it here, put onto this WordPress blog the content that I think others may still use, and then shut down the account with my webhost.

I can use Picasa to keep my very small amount of images organized in folders. If I ever need to put everything up on a host again, I can, but I doubt I will. It’s been time-consuming just moving off my small amount of stuff. Trying to decide what to keep and what to let go…and knowing probably no one but me appreciates the stuff that’s there right now anyway. 😀

All so I can save about $60 a year. Worth it. And I don’t have to think about maintaining the site any longer.

The only thing I’ll miss is not being able to use scripts. No cool+fancy little updating widgets on the site or anything. Would love to post my Twitpic widget here, for example.

Anyway once that project is done, I’ll hop to the next whittle-my-extraneous-little-expenses project.

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