Twitter Tricks

I picked up my Blackberry late this afternoon and kept getting a “Forbidden” message when trying to use UberTwitter. When I looked at my tweet time line, at the top was a message about Twitter blocking UberTwitter, and here’s a link to download our Twitter client. What!!??

So I dig around on the net. Tons of people on Twitter are complaining “What happened to my UberTwitter?” A couple of articles seemed to point to UberTwitter having these issues, resulting in its being blocked by Twitter:

* Trademark infringement on the “Twitter” name
* Using TwitLonger to post longer than 140 character tweets
* Using affiliate marketing or changing folks’ tweets into marketing ads

I think the whole thing is a ploy to change mobile users over to the very featureless Twitter application. No? Let’s think this through logically.

First, if you’re going to block folks for name infringement, shut down/sue the TweetDeck folks. They just made millions selling TweetDeck.

Two, take down Twitlonger, not UberTwitter, for the >140 character posting. Oh and while you’re at it block Twitlonger because they also have “Twitter” in the name.

Three. As an UberTwitter user, I don’t ever recall affiliate marketing connected with this tool. I doubt anyone else has either. *pulling at straws, Twitter*

The whole thing seems to me to be geared toward Twitter taking out UberTwitter (if not permanently, for awhile) to steer folks toward using their Twitter-for-mobile tool.

Not cool, Twitter.

If the Twitter folks did warn UberMedia long long ago that they would do this, did they give them a deadline? UberMedia folks seem smart enough not to sit on their laurels and do nothing here. This doesn’t make sense, although they did seem to have some foreknowledge that they needed to do something about their name.

It seems UberTwitter will get a rename to UberSocial (which is fine). I hope they return to us soon.

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