Good Alternatives to UberSocial

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Last week Twitter shut down Ubertwitter’s access and millions of folks around the world had no way to post tweets from their phones. There’s no better app out there than UberMedia’s for the BlackBerry, at least. Most of us didn’t want to “downgrade” to Twitter for the BlackBerry – it’s just too featureless and well, speaking for myself, I just don’t like it.

I started digging around for other alternatives to use in the meantime. It was kind of good that UberTwiitter went poof because as I was digging around for other Twitter apps for my phone, I found some  new favorites that I’ll be keeping.


Because I was extraordinarily happy with UberTwitter, I’d forgotten that Viigo can do Twitter. It’s not the greatest but it works! Viigo is a great app and I always find cool things that I would have missed otherwise. Last week I found a great new app called TuneIn radio (for my phone) and a little free RPG puzzle game for my PC called Wind and Water Puzzle Battle. A definite download for your BlackBerry and you’ll have Twitter just in case. Plus the app can post news articles to Twitter – bonus!


Seesmic you moved along fast, didn’t you? You used to be a mere desktop Twitter app just yesterday…now you’re a cross-platform tool allowing us to tweet from anywhere! Great job – you’re the one I was most surprised to see . Your interface and menu are somewhat UberTwitter-ish and I felt quite at home. Congratulations – you’ve got a new home on my BlackBerry.


Had heard a bit about Snaptu, figured it was something that would just clog up my phone. I try to keep my phone apps only to productive practical things. But wow – this little tool is great! It reminds me of Viigo in that it offers news. But it’s more – there are visually appealing modules that you can add and make your Snaptu experience personalized. This personalization thing really appeals to me. It’s an app that has me hooked. It does Twitter very well, as well as offers some very nice modules I can’t get on Viigo, like live International soccer scores, and a visual image topics  module called The Big Picture – a must have.

Since last week, the hubbub has died down and  UberTwitter has now been renamed to UberSocial. You can get the new download from Super glad it’s back. Also glad to know that I have other good alternatives, just in case.

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