Spring Things!

Before winter has gone, but after spring has just whispered its warmth, it’s always exciting to see bulb leaves coming up out of the ground. I think these are hyacinths! (My mom, sister and I all agreed these are tulips, not hyacinths – why they’re coming up earlier than anything else, I don’t know!)

And I was going about watering my indoor plants and noticed my orchid has buds. I have had several orchids for years and years and years – at least 5 to 7 years. Never rebloomed. Then last year, this one decided to have one stem with flowers. I was beyond excited. This year, it’s got three stems that have buds! It’s a red cattleya orchid and it looks like all three stems will be out around the same time. Pix to come!

4 thoughts on “Spring Things!

  1. One of my very favorites. Then come the daffodils that shake their pretty heads in the wind and say HELLO. Then I have to have peonies because their scent is amazing. Have fun planning. Beth

  2. Congrats on the blooming orchids. I didn’t realize orchids were difficult bloomers. We’ve got difficult orchids but I always thought it was just us. 🙂

    It’s great to see pictures of spring arriving. Thanks for sharing.

    • LOL No I don’t think it’s just you. All my family has had problems having them rebloom. I think part of it is for them to have a place where the environment stays calm, not hot, not cold, no chills, not too dry. Everywhere that I’ve seen orchids rebloom have been in these conditions.

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