What Would You Name It?

hat’s in a name? That which we call a rose. By any other name would smell as sweet.

~ William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet

Last night my husband told me: “Go buy some wholesale plants; let’s get you selling them at the Farmer’s market, etc. etc.” Since I can’t seem to find work in my field any longer, I need to generate some income again. Last year it was my goal to get quite a few things growing, take the seeds, start them this year, and sell (at the farmer’s market, from home, on Craig’s list, etc.) However, it’s easier said than done. A lot of the herbs I planted didn’t grow. Some grew but not well enough/large enough to seed. We worked on so many things last year that I couldn’t pay specific attention to planting and caring for those seeds and seedlings.

So, in order to get me doing something to make money, my husband said we’d go buy some starter plants so I can at least get going on this idea and try it. It will take awhile to get a garden going where I can cull my own plants and seeds from it to sell.

So I have to get a business license if I want to buy wholesale. Then, here comes the kicker – I have to think of a business name. Show stopper here. I’ve been collecting words and garden-type business names for over a year, and have come up with nothing creative, cute, or simply just nice, that fits! We started throwing around words and names last night. I’m not creative like that. That’s why I started last year saving ideas, and my short list leaves a lot to be desired.

I like these words:

  • sunny
  • seasons
  • flowers
  • meadows
  • blackberry
  • patch
  • lavender
  • fields
  • idyllic – folks may not know how to pronounce; what it means
  • birdsong
  • summer
  • sky
  • bees
  • leaf
  • mountain (abundance)
  • green
  • fields
  • spring
  • path

I’ve been playing with  combinations of these words, adding other words, i.e. Sunny Gardens, Sunny Sky Gardens, Sunny Day Gardens…you get the idea. Also doing things like Bloomin’ ____ Gardens (Bloomin’ Fool, Bloomin’ Nuts haha you get the idea). Nothing seems to strike me.  Maybe you can help with some ideas.

I would sell vegetables, flowers, herbs, and seeds in the future. All organic, eventually heirlooms. So the name can’t be just a flower name, or an herb name, or a vegetable name. “Tomater Tom’s Garden” but I’m selling lavender seeds – is that even ok? I don’t know that it’d work as well as something general.

If you had a gardening business, what would you name it?

Have a bloomin’ day!

6 thoughts on “What Would You Name It?

  1. Some of these have been done before:

    Every Bloomin Thing

    Lisa’s Lavender and More

    Heirloom Gardens

    Lisa’s Garden: Shop for Starters and More

    Garden Abundance

    hope this helps, Beth

    • My husband did tell me to call it “Lisa’s ___ ” Lisa’s Garden, or Lisa’s something. He also came up with the word Harvest the other day. We liked that too.

      I like the Lavender and More – it’s not just lavender! 🙂

      I like the Heirloom but I won’t be able to sell those yet. 😦

      I’m writing all these down too. Thank you for your ideas!

  2. I’m practically obsessed with finding perfect names, I should look for a job in that field, LOL. Here are some thoughts –

    thesaurus.com is your friend!!! I cannot emphasis this enough, great place to brainstorm. Search the words on your list and it will send you in all kinds of wonderful directions. I usually end up with dozens of tabs open, wanting to check more in depth on certain words that came up in the previous searches. Since you’re planning to sell a variety of plants, you might also want to search for words with the meaning “variety” that will convey a mixed bag. Searching words like “plant” and “grow” might help. “Idyllic” is too esoteric but you might find something similar you like. Have fun with it!

    For a small business, something that sounds personal can by catchy. Like using a name that could pass for a first or last name, even if it isn’t your name and really just has a meaning you like, or it sounds like a description of your home, like “Green Cottage Gardens” or “Flora’s Farm” (be prepared to answer to the name Flora! XD) You don’t have to go this direction, just one idea.

    If you’re sure you’re going all organic, that’s a great selling point these days so it wouldn’t be bad to have it in the name. (But you may not want to limit yourself, as something that doesn’t quite live up to organic standards might turn out to be profitable and of course you need to make money to stay in business.)

    Don’t be afraid to use alliteration, rhymes or puns. The name may sound corny to you, but these act as a mnemonic and people are more apt to remember. On the other hand, don’t be intimidated–don’t worry if the name doesn’t feel clever. You don’t have to be a comedian. As long as the name is warm and inviting, and you do business with a smile, I’m sure your business will grow. 😀

    • I like the warm and inviting idea. That’s nice. Your ideas were good. I’ve used the thesaurus before to kick names around. Have you seen nameboy.com? It’s a domain registrar which puts together domain names — it can be somewhat helpful in brainstorming names.

      I don’t think I want to answer to the name Flora though! LOL 😀 But I’m writing that word down. Maybe I can play with it.

  3. Heirlooms and more: Lisa’s Garden Shoppe
    Lavenderfield: Lisa’s Garden Co.
    Herbs, Heritage and lavender: At Lisa’s Garden Shop
    Starting from Seed
    Gone to Seed (in a good way)

    Best of Luck in your ventures Lisa…..
    How about: Lisa’s Garden adVenture!

    • I like Gone to Seed haha that’s awful cute!
      Lavenderfield….yes I love that
      I was telling Beth (above) that my husband thought of the word Harvest, too. You have great ideas too. Now to kick these all around and find what we like best. Thank you for your thoughts!

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