Internet and Technology Shift

Times are a’changin’ …and fast!   Since the beginning of the internet and the personal computer  before that, applications were software that was ball-and-chained to the desktop.

Now with the recent advent of mobile apps on phones and tablets, the scene is changing very rapidly. This is a time of fresh movement for technology. Right now it’s all about apps. They need to look good, be simple to use and have great features. They must sync with your browser extension or desktop software, between all devices and across all platforms.  It’s an exciting time with many new apps being released daily.

Unfortunately, the movement means the old sometimes gets let go, even if the old is still being clung to by the masses.  One such old technology is Google Reader. Google announced today that its popular RSS aggregator will get the axe in July.  I am so sorry to see this extremely useful tool go.  The current is washing away not only the smaller pebbles but also some of the larger rocks.  Don’t be surprised to see more programs, applications and services be washed away into the ocean where 300-baud modems float.


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