My Twitter Account

Four days since I sent Twitter support messages regarding my suspended account.  Unfortunately, when (if!) I get it back I’ll be using the account differently. Although I didn’t do anything wrong that I know of, who knows what happened! Maybe a service that my account connects to spammed my account with some sales message. Maybe someone was having a bad day and one of my harmless tweets rubbed them the wrong way and they reported me. Maybe people are sick of seeing my posts about genetically modified food. If so, unfollow me then, but don’t report and get me suspended.

I have no idea what went wrong and am sad to lose access to my account where I follow and have over 1K followers. Perhaps I will get my account back, perhaps not. I’ve been reading up and Twitter seems to suspend accounts for no rhyme or reason, or even accidentally. Seriously? Most people complaining about suspended accounts have realized they’ve been following aggressively but that’s not me.

I’m careful about what I let in my Twitter feed, but sometimes some really bad garbage gets in there. That person will usually get an unfollow from me. But there are some people who have extremely different views from me. I’m pretty opened minded and give plenty of leeway when it comes to opinion. Instead of reporting them when they post crazy messages, I just let them have their say. This is free speech. Sometimes I will learn something from their view. And if I don’t want to listen, I can unfollow. Not report, which is what  a lot of people do instead, because they’ll just get flustered and angry when someone may have a different viewpoint than theirs.

I wonder why celebrity accounts never get suspended? I mean they promote themselves and their products and services all the time, but I’ve seen posts from average people who’ve had their accounts  suspended for promoting their books or businesses. It’s not fair.

I allowed one woman on my list because I liked some of her tweets. Then she started peppering them with advertisements…many a day. I didn’t report her but her account I think qualifies for suspension. Why do these people get away with this, but the average person using Twitter to chat and make friends and post/retweet interesting links and news cannot have the freedom to do so without fear of suspension?

Twitter is a lovely service, and I’m missing it desperately. However, if I don’t get my account back soon, I’ll be setting up a new account, keeping the real people on it only to the close friends I’ve made, and then the rest will be news sources. No more making my account for sharing interesting news with people or chatting with just anyone. No more using Twitter fully like it’s meant to be used. It’s very sad but this suspension has dramatically changed my view of a sweet service.

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