TechGeek who ♥’s tea, cats, birds, nature, gaming, astronomy, all things Japan, computers, natural health, religion, gardening, peacefulness, family & friends.

My tech-support and help desk career has provided me the opportunity to work with many important companies in the Washington, DC area. I’ve worked for projects at the Dept. of Transportation,  the Pentagon, SAIC, National Academy of Sciences and Unisys, to name a few. My favorite projects were with start-up companies. There’s so much energy in them!

I’m the creator of the Fastmail Stylesheet Gallery and have updated and developed for the gallery until recently for many years.

Where can you find me on the internet?

Twitter: LisaAkari

Tumblr: Lisa Akari

LiveJournal: Meadowflower (no longer updating)

Skype: Meadowflower – will only accept you if you add to your friending message where you’re from and how you know me.



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