Goal to Post Each Week in 2011

I plan on participating in the Blog More 2011 Challenge at WordPress. Just thinking about it will help keep me posting things to this blog, rather than posting once a month, as I’ve been doing. 🙂 I hope I don’t peter out around about April and go back to posting once a month again. 😛

Life’s busy but it’s good to sit and get one’s thoughts out. Posting each week might just help with all that bottled-up stuff inside my head!

Goals: First Post

I’ve had a journal on LiveJournal for ages. I started getting away from posting there, and started moving toward Twitter. Now sometimes I realize I still want to post things but make it more available to the public. LiveJournal is great and I’ll still use it for communities and posting for friends there sometimes. However, I’ve seen that even my old hard-core LiveJournal friends have stopped posting there, and have headed to things like Facebook.

Facebook has tons of privacy issues which I couldn’t get around, really.  I go there to see pictures that family and friends post about once a week and don’t stay there long.

Last week I started poking around with Posterous and Tumblr. I really like Posterous very much – its presentation, format and features. It’s more like a blog. Tumblr is nice but seems more like StumbleUpon, with its photo sharing. I really love the inevitable discovery of amazing photos my Tumblr page, and I go there frequently for gorgeous eye candy. However, I’m realizing that what I want to do is blog again, in one place, available to whomever wants to see what I have to say.

I’d like this blog to be more about how to share what I do. I want to make short tutorials, creations, mini tutoring sessions. However, I still want to share the things I regularly share – stuff I learned, thoughts, links to cool sites or blogs. I’m also hoping to connect with new peoples’ blogs on WordPress. WordPress is a more full-featured professional blogging tool. I do have a website at Sunnypad.com and I’ve used that over the years to post little things I’ve designed, as well as doing a bit of blogging. That’s been slacking off as well. Additionally sometimes I go and find my site down. Not sure how many visitors I’ve received to the site recently, but I just don’t have the motivation to upkeep a website all the time. It takes a lot of maintenance. I’m getting older, with less time for bothersome administrative things. I want more time to explore the new technologies that are coming, as well as wanting to spend time with my beautiful children. I hope they stay close to me always, but one never knows how life will go.

I’m looking forward to use WordPress as a one-stop shop for posting not only my interests, thoughts, ideas, photos, links, but also for private posts.  I hope this blog grows into everything I’d like it to be and that readers enjoy my posts as much as I enjoy reading theirs.

Launched MomGamers.com

Launched MomGamers.com
Posted by sunnypad on Sep-23-2009

I’ve just recently launched MomGamers.com and I really look forward to having fun with it! Right now it’s being hosted on Blogger (hence the momgamers.blogspot.com url when you visit) but I look forward to getting a new webhost at one point, and host Sunnypad and MomGamers both from there. Right now I’m grateful to the folks at Blogger to host MomGamers.

I’m going to have another guest article on themes4bb posted this week. It’ll be on Evernote for the BlackBerry.

I have a lot of current things to do:

* Fix all the Sunnypad subpages
* Build up this MomGamers site
* Write regular articles for themes4bb

Some other things in the future:

* Make a BlackBerry theme (I want a custom one for my Bold)
* Write an industry book on the Help Desk
* Do some stylesheets for Fastmail.FM’s new interface

Main Tabs Completed

Main Tabs Completed
Posted by sunnypad on Jun-19-2009

Main tabs are now set up with info transferred from the old Sunnypad; links to the old site pages are available now.

I’ll be converting these pages eventually; and fixing the front page; adding back AdSense and installing some widgets.

Still wondering what to do with my haiku – dedicate a page to it, or just blog some here and categorize them as haiku. Hmmm….

Welcome to the new Sunnypad!

Welcome to the new Sunnypad!
Posted by sunnypad on Jun-9-2009

Sunnypad.com is converting to WordPress. I’ve always wanted to set up a blog on the site. When I realized that WordPress could be potentially used to run the entire personal website, I toyed with the idea of converting my old html site to WordPress.

I wanted this site to look neater, cleaner, and more organized. WordPress will allow me to post entries, of course, but also I can keep some static pages for the downloads that I keep on the site for folks.

Speaking of the downloads and other pages, you may still access the site’s pages if you have bookmarked the urls to those pages. If you have bookmarked the page for my Kyodai downloads, for example, you can still get to that page via that url. I will slowly be converting the entire site to be accessible from these WordPress pages. Until then, if you don’t have the bookmarked pages, and end up here on the main page looking for anything, please send me an email at this website name @gmail.com, let me know what you’re looking for and I’ll send you the link.

It’s my goal to have a fresher looking site that is more readily updated. Enjoy!