When the weather gets warmer we get busy! I’ve not had the time to post here so much. I hope you are doing well!  Here’s some of what I’ve been up to recently:


  • Raised bed gardening – built them, filled them, planted and now have stuff growing! Picked lettuce and sugar snap peas already. Have tons of tomatoes coming!
  • Trying to widen the driveway. I’ve not done any work on this this year, but have gone to the masonary a couple of times with my husband to look at brick, etc. Time consuming.
  • Taking care of my lavender and herb garden.
  • Painted the deck and cleaned up
  • Had a yard sale last weekend – exhausting!

Gaming – Yes you have to make time for some gaming!

  • Was playing Runes of Magic and Allods Online when Sony’s EverQuest 2x was down. It’s back up now and I’m so into it I can’t get back to the others! My sister joined and we’re having fun decorating our EQ2 houses and questing in Butcherblock Mountains. 🙂 Maybe I’ll make a post on my characters some time.

Family and Pets

  • My mom was in the hospital these past few weeks – she had pneumonia. She’s ok now but it scared us all for awhile.
  • Today I worked out some computer help in exchange for tutoring for my son for Algebra II (something he had troubles with this year). She’s going to help him with that and some SAT prep, for as long as we can pay for it. She’s the one that suggested the bartering and I was happy about that. She needs some help with this program she’s installed and I’ll help figure it out and train her to use it so she can decide if she wants to buy it. My hours there in exchange for the tutoring she’ll give him. When I run out of hours, we have a bit of money from recycling metal that we can use for the tutoring, probably once a week this summer for him until school starts. Unfortunately I doubt we’ll be able to continue it once school starts but we’ll see. One step at a time.
  • Kitty – our kitty cat was REALLY sick last month and the month before. I thought he was going to die. But the vet down the street got him back on track and he slowly recovered over time. We’re very happy. He still has fleas though. UGH. Not as bad as last year. Frontline is helping but we haven’t been able to keep that on schedule due to financial constraints.
  • Finches – I had three left of what was once a 14-finch flock. Gave half to a friend, then the seven we had slowly died (old age, couple of accidents, etc.) The crippled girl we had (she was so cute!) died of old age about three weeks ago. Finches are social birds – the more the better. All I have left is a girl and a boy. The girl mourned her dead friend for almost two weeks. She barely came out to eat, and just tucked her head in her feathers for days on end. The boy called her and also comforted her. She finally broke out of it and is ok again, but I thought I’d lose her too. I would love to adopt some more, but my son and husband don’t want the birds anymore. They take up a lot of space, are messy, etc. But I love them and want more.  They’re sweet, not a lot of work and are fun to watch and they talk with me! The boy sings to me when I come in the room sometimes, too.
  • Looking to switch my husband’s job into something he can do himself. Looked into festivals but was thwarted at every turn. It’s so difficult to break into. Looking into vending from a cart or mobile unit now, but having problems figuring out how to get the money to do that. Thinking of selling the truck. *sigh* It seems so silly, if we’d have not gotten the truck in the first place we’d have had some money before. Now that we have the truck paid off, it seems foolish to sell it for partial the amount of money we put into it.

Techie Stuff

  • BlackBerry PlayBook – my husband is playing with this thing more than me! Until they release some more productive apps, I only pick it up to read the news, check if they have any new productive apps, update the software, and watch some videos sometimes when I don’t feel like being on the computer. I tease him that it’s his now. He does use it way more than me – mostly for Facebook. Barf.
  • Building a computer – my son needs a new computer. He’s using my old ABS machine (7 years old at least!) and still working well. It just can’t handle recent games, and is just having problems doing much at all. It’s time for that good ol’ machine to be converted to a media pc or storage system or something. So we’re planning on building a new system. It’s cheaper, and it’ll be a project from which my son can learn something.




Runes of Magic Review

I’m a former WoW player, but don’t want to go back (subscription fees). I paid for years and can’t even see my characters unless I pay again. They’re held hostage! All those hours I spent belong to Blizzard, not me.

I tried a free trial of RIFT and loved it so much, but knew it’d be the same subscription hazard that I’d run into with WoW, and I’d be unhappy eventually. (working hard on being wise with my money!)

So I went out digging for some other MMOs to keep my mind off wanting to play RIFT. I found EverQuest2, Allods, and Runes of Magic. All free games – all really great in their own way. All have their own shortcomings too but so does WoW or other paid MMOs.

Runes of Magic starter areas (Elf/Human) are charming, as is the music. I was surprised how much nice gear you get, as well as a starter mount for a day (so take full advantage of that whenever you make a new character and make sure you can play for a day!)

There is cute player housing, but it’s tied in to the Item Shop. If you want to spend money in your games, make sure it’s somewhere you can get enjoyment out of it again and again.  I’ve not bought anything in there yet, but there are mannequins in which you can show off your favorite gear, and equipment racks (for that favorite sword!) There’s plenty of in-game storage space between your bags, the storage locker they give you for your house, and your bank. I’m a hoarder so I’m sure that I’ll start to overflowing soon.

It’s too bad there are only two races, but the class and secondary class combinations would keep anyone busy for quite some ime.

Their crafting is great – you can take ALL the crafting+gathering skills in the beginning (kind of required if you want to make some of your own starter stuff). Later I read that you specialize in one specific profession.

This is definitely a game to check out if you’re a former WoW player, or if you’re younger and have been playing stuff like MapleStory and want to try a more full-featured MMO that’s fantasy-based.

More game reviews to come later!


For the techies, there’s a podcast called RoMCast. The game’s Community Manager covers things like upcoming changes to the game and class discussion. If you play the game, try it out!

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Posted by sunnypad on Sep-23-2009

I’ve just recently launched and I really look forward to having fun with it! Right now it’s being hosted on Blogger (hence the url when you visit) but I look forward to getting a new webhost at one point, and host Sunnypad and MomGamers both from there. Right now I’m grateful to the folks at Blogger to host MomGamers.

I’m going to have another guest article on themes4bb posted this week. It’ll be on Evernote for the BlackBerry.

I have a lot of current things to do:

* Fix all the Sunnypad subpages
* Build up this MomGamers site
* Write regular articles for themes4bb

Some other things in the future:

* Make a BlackBerry theme (I want a custom one for my Bold)
* Write an industry book on the Help Desk
* Do some stylesheets for Fastmail.FM’s new interface

My WoW Ambivalence

My WoW Ambivalence
Posted by sunnypad on Sep-17-2009

I’ve been out of work since July of 2008. Knowing there may be issues finding replacement work, I paid quite a bit of my WoW sub in advance so that I could play this year. Well, I’ve got until September 30 to play. Then I’m going to need to let my subscription lapse, seeing I have no income and can’t really ask my husband to pay for my continued sub. It’s also coming at a time where we just found that his work is going to be reduced even further to where I actually don’t know how we’ll survive. We may have enough to pay the mortgage, have one year left on the car, and maybe some food. What about our other bills? I’m trying to find additional work but it just hasn’t come yet. Say a little prayer for us!

I’m having good and bad feelings about leaving. I sent all my friends in-game mail to let them know. Here’s what it said:


Hey there!

I’ve not been around in awhile. It’s been a busy summer. 🙂 I may be leaving WoW for an extended period – my sub is up in 3 weeks and I’ve had no work for over a year. I wanted to let you know. When/if I come back I look forward to playing with you again!

Please keep in touch with me. Send me an email. 🙂 You can visit my site – I’m on Twitter too.

Lisa – @gankaku on Twitter
mail: gankaku at fastmail dot fm


For the guild masters, I’ve sent a similar message, letting them know I’ll be gone for an extended period and I hope they won’t kick me out of the guild while I’m gone, but understanding if they do. I mean, I might not come back. Yeah, there’s nothing more lonely than logging onto a character, finding out you’re out of a guild full of folks you used to laugh and chat with daily. You rarely friend them all because well, they’re in your guild and your friend list can only take so many entries.

So, here’s how I’m feeling right now about my leaving.

The bad feelings:

* I have several good friends on WoW whom I can only find there. We’ve gotten to know each other and chat about our lives. Even if I don’t want to play a particular day, I can check in and see who’s on and chat. I’ve sent them my email but I don’t particularly see any of them keeping in touch with me that way much.
* WoW’s been a good distraction for me through the time I’ve been out of work. I won’t have that particular social/gaming distraction anymore.
* I’ll miss my characters, with all their abilities, mounts, pets, crafting, and hanging out in the city after a day’s leveling.
* I’ll miss the ones I’ve not started yet – sitting there, named and waiting.
* I made a new character yesterday on Ner’zhul so that I could chat with my long-time friend, who moved one of his characters over from Gurubashi. His hunter there was Elrushbo, but he got an alliance change when he moved from Guru. He put Elrushbo on the Alli side, and named him Rodi. I was there for the rebirth. His pet Elb was still with him. It was a poignant moment, especially since I don’t know if I’ll be coming back. Elrushbo/Rodi is only at level 70 and ZombieLisa and he played together nearly all the way to 70. *sigh*

Rodi is the former Elrushbo of Gurubashi. He wanted his hunter on Nerzhul, moved it and changed alliances.
Rodi on Ner’zhul is the former orc hunter Elrushbo on Gurubashi; he moved his character and transferred alliances.

* I will miss my other friends on other servers. Kildoor and Hrantius on Fizzcrank. Mesoevil on Gurubashi. Quasievil on Gurubashi (who had his account hacked and I no longer see his characters – maybe he deleted them!) I still have contact outside WoW with my ex-coworkers so I’m happy about that.

The good feelings:

* I can play some other games I’ve been looking forward to playing: getting back into Oblivion and checking out some of the new user mods, trying Morrowind, finishing my Zelda DS game my son’s been bugging me to finish, playing with my son more on the Wii.
* More time for exercise. Over the summer I exercised more when I wasn’t playing WoW. Good for me!
* I’m working on a small venture (more to come later), on this website, and guest blogging for
* I’ve had more time to catch up on tech news and social networking while not on WoW.
* Job hunting will be top of the list and if I can start bringing income in again, that will be a great thing!

Next time I’ll post about what I liked and didn’t like about WoW. I’ll be able to look at the “didn’t like” list when I’m feeling sad about not being able to play.