Developing something for the games I play is fun, whether it be something that can be used in-game, or just a page put together for the community.  Here are some of the games I’m playing and have played, and if I’ve developed anything for them there’ll be a link to that stuff!
Currently Playing

Monster Hunter Tri – My son and I waited a long time to get this game for the Wii. When I was at the point where I was thinking of it daily, I finally picked it up. We’re having such fun with it! I’ll post a picture of my character when she gets some cool gear. If you play Monster Hunter I’d love to know! We could hook up on the Wii and quest together. Update 2/17/11: I am so frustrated. I can’t get past the second monster and have tried many times. The beasts get harder. I’m really upset – I love the game but have to stop playing since I can’t beat the beasts. It’s too freaking difficult. They need to make a difficulty slider. I don’t mind a challenge but this is ridiculous. On to a new game.

Facebook Games – I don’t like Facebook as a format for posting, but I do like some of their games.  You can find me as Meadowflower there. Currently I love Animal Party and Happy Pets. Have been playing Vikings of Thule, Pet Society, and Super Poke Pets.
Continual Favorites

Elder Scrolls – World of Warcraft = stressful. I was looking for something a little less intense, but I was hooked on RPGs. GameSpot sent me a newsletter in my inbox and it contained information on the game Oblivion. I read it and became intrigued. I called my sister and asked her if she knew anything about the game. “Oooohhhh Oblivion…….” she said. And she went on and on about how she and her husband loved that game and still play it. Little did I know that Oblivion would become my favorite all-time game to date. It’s an immersive RPG with amazing extensibility via mods. It’s the game you will want if you are stuck on a deserted island. If you have access to the community of mods, you’ll have a never-ending world to explore. Playing this game for years off and on and I’ve still not explored all the content.

I’ve not yet played Morrowind and I can’t wait until Skyrim comes out, but I’m planning on firing up Oblivion at least one more time this year to start another new character so I can explore the Knights of the Nine expansion.

Kyodai MahjonngKyodai was one of the first games I downloaded from the Internet — my friend told me about it! Anyway, I love this game because it’s relaxing, there are a lot of tile/music/background combinations, and the author really puts a lot of time into keeping the game and his site updated. I plan to include links to other Kyodai pages that feature tilesets, music files and backgrounds. Get tilesets that I’ve created.


Zen Puzzle Garden – I love Asian stuff, puzzles, and extensibility to my games. This game has all of this. Nice music and a little looks-like-Aang monk that rakes sand around rocks in the zen garden he maintains makes this game a keeper. Get it from Lexaloffle here: Zen Puzzle Garden: The Japanese Rock Garden Game.

Orisinal: Morning Sun
I don’t know how I tripped across this site…but these are the cutest little set of games.
Good Memories – No Longer Playing

GoPets – GoPets was a wonderful game.  I made a LOT of friends there – what a great community. I even worked there, starting out as help desk support, then ended up managing their worldwide support desk. The time I worked for the company and played their game was a source of great happiness for me. I’m thankful for the friends I made and the opportunities I enjoyed at that time. Unfortunately the company closed down and the game shut down. We all ended up creating Facebook accounts and meet one another in games like Pet Society and Happy Pets. These games pale in comparison to the capabilities that GoPets had. One day maybe we’ll see another pet game encompassing all the possibilities that we envisioned for this game.

Animal Crossing – Nintendo GameCube/DS/Wii – Animal Crossing was my first step into RPG-type entertainment. My sister introduced me to this game.  Before this game, I maybe played the occasional Yoshi’s Island or Donkey Kong Country with my son. With Animal Crossing, I made my own character. My son and I shared a town.  I printed this entire guide and read the entire thing. We got the e-reader cards that you could scan into the game if you have the Gameboy color. I still have that entire card collection. I was crazy about this game and played it for years. Talk about getting my money’s worth! If I wouldn’t have played this game, I’d have not played GoPets, nor WoW, nor any of the other games here, I’m sure. My life was changed in big ways because of Animal Crossing.

Jigzone is different because it has varies the difficulty of their puzzles from day to day. I like the non-typical puzzle shapes – try the bird and sixstar shapes. You can upload your favorite picture and then cut it up and solve it using whatever shape puzzle piece you like. Jigzone will email you daily with new jigsaw notification.

My Jigzone Gallery
Try puzzles from some of my favorite pictures in my gallery.

Puzzle House
Puzzle House has some nice puzzles that you can do in your choice of an easy/medium/hard format. It also has a new puzzle daily reminder email. When your puzzle is finished though, there is no confirmation that you’ve completed the puzzle. It’s more satisfying if you see a completion confirmation, IMO.

Shockwave Daily Jigsaw Puzzle
I love Shockwave’s daily jigsaw. The site also sells collections of the puzzles, to be downloaded and solved whenever you like. I like it that there is an Edges toggle button, which hides all pieces but the edges so youcan do those first without other pieces in the way.’s Puzzle Maker
Make puzzles from your own pictures.


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