I’m the creator of I’ve had the site since the early 90’s — did my own HTML coding with some help from FrontPage. Recently I changed it over to a WordPress blog but haven’t kept up with it. Why keep two blogs (and even an old one on LiveJournal?) It makes no sense. I’ve been using this one more regularly because it’s just easy. And I’m getting older. Easy is nice. Anything easy is alluring when you’re older. hehee

So I’m pointing Sunnypad here to my WordPress blog. I’ll keep a dedicated tab for the site so folks that end up here will know. I will stop paying my webhost when I have it all moved.

Thanks to Sunnypad’s current host ASmallOrange for hosting my website for so many years. You’ve been super awesome with support when I needed it (those three times lol). Even though I think there are more competitive prices, they are attractive for three reasons:
* Small packages (no waste!)
* No up-front payments – you can pay month by month
* Their tech support is awesome.

I will truly miss the template I have for the site! It’s so perfect. It was designed by Jinsona Designs and can be downloaded here: Download Morning Theme by Jonsona Designs. Perhaps one day when I’m making some money, I will become a WordPress Premium member, and be able to change the template for this page to the rooster crowing in the morning sun.

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