Gadgets: Pretty on the Outside, not so Inside

I found Scot Finnie yesterday while cleaning up my Google Reader feeds. Anyone that’s not posted in over a year I’m assuming is not posting to that feed anymore. Gone! But I couldn’t get rid of Scot’s until I read his last post again.

He got quite a few articles up on ComputerWorld now, and I’ll be reading through them when I can. His recent article, A Love-Hate Relationship with iPad and iOS was one on which I couldn’t resist commenting. Soct discussed his excitement to first get and use the new iPad, but his excitement waned as he realized the restrictions there were to the thing. Having not owned any Apple products, maybe I don’t have quite the right to speak. It’s always just been a feeling that there’s not a whole lot appealing beneath the sparkly surface of Apple’s products for someone who really likes to have control of their systems.

I posted a comment and it’s really what I’ve thought about Apple products for a long time.  It’s more of a feeling that’s kept me from buying any of their products.

It’s almost like…sacrilege right now to downplay the iPad. *gasp!* It’s so hot right now.

Apple products always look nice on the outside, but then we hear unforgivingly bad things later about one thing or another. Who doesn’t know better than their users that Windows based machines and other OS’s and gadgets have their own issues as well? However, in all honesty, I’d rather wait a few revolutions of the gadget when all the kinks are worked out, then buy an Android one, or see how the BlackBerry pads go.

It’s my wonder after reading your article if the problem in this article is two-fold: (i) a factor of highly technical folks’ need to tinker unencumbered, and (ii) Apple’s need to dummy-proof their products, in order to appeal to the general public, most of which don’t know their way around file systems, for example.

Wild as all the Apple apps are for these gadgets, I’d pass on them all to be able to tinker and have more control over the gadget. That’s the factor that makes something cool to me. Beyond the surface of pretty, there’s really cool. IMO Apple only seems surface pretty, and not a good value for my money.

I’m sure one day I’ll buy one of these pads. When they came out I told my husband – I need one of those! But not the iPad. Something else. 😀 Then we started hearing about Androids, and now we’re hearing about BlackBerry’s Black Pad. When it’s time, it’ll be one of those.