Sony Walkman, I Loved You

Sony Walkman

When reading the news about Sony Walkmans being discontinued, I was extremely surprised that they were actually talking about cassette walkmans! Since then there’ve been CDs, and now MP3s. I’ve haven’t seen cassettes in years (except for the ones in a box in my garage!) Amazing that these gadgets were still being made – and sold! According to what news I read, mostly the elderly in Japan were still using cassette walkmans. (Any lovely Japanese elderly want my box of 1980s music cassettes?)

The first time I saw anything about a walkman was this notecard advertisement. It was a picture of a woman (or a silhouette of one, I think) exercising with a dumbell in one hand, with the walkman hooked at her waist, with the earphone wires running up to her ears. I think on the back or down below it had pictures of the models of walkmans they had at the time (there were only three, I believe). I wish I’d saved that card. I did keep it for ages because the ad impressed me so.

I saved my money in college and bought one. I was so proud of that purchase. It was sleek, black, opened and closed with coolness (as all Sony products do).. I loved that Walkman. I had a ton of cassettes and took them in my backpack. I could sit outside the classroom and cram for my exam with my tunes. I’d go to the library and study for hours with my fiend Jeff, listening to all the 80’s music. It was great. I discovered lots and lots of music with that little walkman. *dreamy sigh*

Bad ending to a love story though. When I moved from college in Ohio to work in Virginia my first roommate got mad at me about something. She broke into my locked room and stole it (along with other things). I never saw it again, and moved out shortly after.

I bought a Creative Zen quite a few years ago and still use that for music, radio,  and podcasts. I take it with me on trips. Sometimes when I’m stressed or not feeling well, I play this CD I bought  called EarthRain. The rain sound gently relaxes me so I can sleep. Doesn’t have as much space anymore as I’d like but it’s still very useful (and not easily broken like most peoples’ iPods!)

I read recently some things about the new Sony MP3 player walkmans. It got me all dreamy inside. Maybe I should look into getting one.