Garden Planning


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I’d better hurry up and get my website stuff over to this blog, finishing up the project of shutting down my website/migrating it here. Spring’s a-comin’!

I’ve already scratched out a draft of my garden and what I want in it this year. I’m going to go with the same stuff we’ve grown the past few years, but moving over to heirloom seeds. Anything I don’t have that’s heirloom I will try to buy. Because our budget is so tight right now, I’m going to have problems purchasing everything I need.

There are seed traders, but I need seeds to trade for them. Some kind people do offer a few seeds for free, so I might just hang out on those forums and see if I can send a SASE to get a few free starter heirloom seeds of the things I need.


Raised bed from Pallets



I also plan on building raised beds this year from pallets. Six would be great (that’s the goal) but I’ll be happy to get a few. My husband works where he can get pallets and flat pressed board free. He is thinking he should make a shed. I told him go for it! Once the snow thaws I’ll be out assessing the pallets we already have, and figuring out how many more we need.

We’re also fortunate to have bamboo growing in our backyard, as well as a willow tree. The neighbor behind us HATES our bamboo. I love it. Grow more more more!! She asked us to cut a lot of it back. It is our yard and we like it and told her so, but we said we would cut back what’s close to her fence. In his ever niceness eager to please way, my husband got overzealous in cutting back our bamboo last summer. I was not pleased! However, we now have a dry pile of hard bamboo! I’ll trim off the thin stems from the stalk, and we can whip them together and use them for mini-trellises for staking peas or vining plants. I can’t wait to get started on this! I don’t have experience doing any of this (building raised beds, twining the bamboo stalks to make something useful) but I plan to learn.


Our willow tree was trimmed back a year and a half ago. Unfortunately I didn’t do anything with the stems. You can make so many many things with willow stems. I’ll see how the tree is this year and maybe I can try one or two small projects. I kind of like this living garden arch project I saw. You stick the stems into the ground on two sides and weave the ends above you making an arch. It’ll be bare the first year but if you keep it watered next year the leaves will grow and it’ll fill in. I’ve kept a picture of it somewhere and the instructions; when I find I’ll post.