Posted by sunnypad on Sep-23-2009

I’ve just recently launched and I really look forward to having fun with it! Right now it’s being hosted on Blogger (hence the url when you visit) but I look forward to getting a new webhost at one point, and host Sunnypad and MomGamers both from there. Right now I’m grateful to the folks at Blogger to host MomGamers.

I’m going to have another guest article on themes4bb posted this week. It’ll be on Evernote for the BlackBerry.

I have a lot of current things to do:

* Fix all the Sunnypad subpages
* Build up this MomGamers site
* Write regular articles for themes4bb

Some other things in the future:

* Make a BlackBerry theme (I want a custom one for my Bold)
* Write an industry book on the Help Desk
* Do some stylesheets for Fastmail.FM’s new interface