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Amazing – I just discovered Top Searches in my Dashboard. This makes me realize I need to fix my pages – people are searching for stuff on my old website and can’t find it.

They’re looking for my Basho haiku stuff, and stuff on the old Animal Crossing games. Yikes. I should put that stuff back up. At least I have my kyodai mahjonng links up.

“Top Searches
basho’s narrow road manuscript, animal crossing faces, homemade compost bin, kyodai+layout, raised beds with pallets”

Moving My Site

Been working all week on moving my website contents at over here. I’m going to close my site, basically. Why pay $5 a month (when I’m not working) to keep it open? I will keep the domain and point it here, put onto this WordPress blog the content that I think others may still use, and then shut down the account with my webhost.

I can use Picasa to keep my very small amount of images organized in folders. If I ever need to put everything up on a host again, I can, but I doubt I will. It’s been time-consuming just moving off my small amount of stuff. Trying to decide what to keep and what to let go…and knowing probably no one but me appreciates the stuff that’s there right now anyway. 😀

All so I can save about $60 a year. Worth it. And I don’t have to think about maintaining the site any longer.

The only thing I’ll miss is not being able to use scripts. No cool+fancy little updating widgets on the site or anything. Would love to post my Twitpic widget here, for example.

Anyway once that project is done, I’ll hop to the next whittle-my-extraneous-little-expenses project.

Avatar: The Last Airbender Movie

Avatar: The Last Airbender Movie
Posted by sunnypad on Jul-5-2010

We went as a family to see this movie today. I was excited – it was our first 3D movie, plus we have been waiting for this movie to come out for awhile. When I found out who was directing and producing the movie, my heart sunk but I still had hopes that I’d like some things in the film. (WHY did they pick that guy to do this movie?! What were they thinking?)

Anyway the 3D previews before the movie were awesome. Like, everything in the entire previews was in 3D. Very cool technology and I understand why we’re moving that direction. However, the 3D effects in The Last Airbender were so minimal, I felt cheated. Only a few effects were really noticeable – those zoom-ins of the fire-nation ships. That’s about it. Everything else was so slight in the 3D technology the effect was inconsequential. That was disappointing.

I’m an optimist and try to see the good in everything. There was good in this movie:

* I liked the boy they picked for Aang, even though I thought he should have been Asian. I also liked Katara…I think they did a good job of picking her. The guy they picked for Sokka was ok, but not great.

* I liked the landscape shots – the air temples, the water villages and ic, the detailing of interiors.

* General Iroh – not a good fit – they should have picked an elderly, stocky Chinese man. However, the actor did a good job of making you accept him and like him, even though he wasn’t a good fit for the role.

* The Princess Yue part was done well enough. I liked that.

The things I didn’t like:

* Where was the humor? Aang was too serious. Where’s his playfulness? All this playfulness balanced the seriousness of the situation in the series. The movie missed this.

* OK I agree that Aang and Iroh were not pronounced correctly in the animation. Why did you try to force the “correct” pronunciation now? That makes it really confusing for everyone that doesn’t know how these names are pronounced. A good director wouldn’t have forced the change on that.

* I feel that the director wanted to get his South East Asian Indian brothers in some film. I felt this also was pushed on us. Zuko is East Asian, man. So was the entire fire nation. None of these folks “fit”…not even Zuko.

* Monk Gyotsu was black?! Come on…

* They changed how things developed – i.e. how they found Aang wasn’t done correctly. How Commander Zhao was killed – not correct. Aang never became the water beast controlling the water (which subsequently killed Zhao). Not in movie.

* They referenced Katara and Sokka’s mom were taken by the fire nation. What happened to her being killed? It’s not like the whole movie would have to be re-arranged to tell that. Don’t change the story!

* The fire nation ransacked the library? What were they thinking…Ugh. A whole storyline slashed to pieces.

There were more things I didn’t like about this movie than I did like. I can see how everyone hated it – especially the fans. However, the things I did like made it enough so that I was happy to go see the movie. That being said, can we scrap that movie and start all over again, with a new director, producer, and only keep a few of these actors? Movie producers really need to stop making movies that alienate fans. My family won’t want to see the second and third movies (even if they get far enough to make them). We’ll go back to our animated show. Thanks anyway.

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1. Hope Said,

How could you M. Night? You ruined my favorite t.v. show! This was supposed to be an ASIAN i repeat ASIAN movie! This movie could have been way better with another director. I didnt understand how come there was so many INDIAN actors they were supposed to be ASIAN! Why didnt Aang have a BLUE arrow? The water tribe was WHITE they were supposed to be eskimos or darker skinned ASIANS! Sokka wasnt even funny he was stiff and boring the whole movie. Anyways why did Aang steal Katara’s speech in one of the Earth Kingdoms villages? Sokka and Katara’s grandma was supposed to be called Gran-Gran! Zukos burn c’mon it was supposed to be all red and show all over one side of his face! i’m not trying to be racist but on Dev Patel is too dark and the burn wasnt even noticable! What was with the dancing and then the bending? Azula is supposed to be pretty and evil but this girl was just plain scary? Aang didnt even turn into the giant water Koi fish, he just made a giant wave and didnt destroy anything. (weakest avatar ever) Paku, Aangs master acted like the leader of the tribe and anyways, and why didnt they show the fight between Katara and Paku?! Yue’s father didnt die. Plus Yue’s body didnt turn into a spirit! Aang was supposed to be a happy kid, but he was stiff and serious. Really, why was Monk Gyotsu black, hes Asian?! What was with the pronounciation of the names, Awng is supposed to be Aang and Suucka is Sokka and Erohh is Iroh! Jeez M. Night you wrote the script and you cant even say their names right! Iroh wasn’t even a chubby, playful,wise, old chinese man, even his wisdom didnt make any sense it was just a bunch of mumbo jumbo! Aang didnt even go into the Avatar state! Roku wasnt even in the movie, it was his dragon! They didnt have Koh the face stealer! Zhao burned the fish, he didnt make sushi! Appa and Momo, dont even get me started. Appa was a giant, flying, dirty, shaggy, rodent! Momo was a flying rat thing! Jet and his freedom fighters weren’t in the movie and Suki and her Kyoshi warriors! M. Night deleted too many IMPORTANT scenes and added too many UNEEDED scenes! I have to say this was the WORST movie he ever made! M. Night, it would a waste of money and time if you made sequels! M. Night, did this ever occur to you that there are way better karate people that can act and are ASIAN!!! You just picked these random people and tried to make a movie, but you failed miserably! im sorry, but i dont think that you are just cut out to make movies. You just had a casting call in Philly and you didnt even make an attempt to find people that could have made your movie a lot better. I believe that you made this movie really quick so that you could make a lot of money off of Avatar the Last Airbender fans and movie lovers! You know what you also did, you ruined these young actors careers! M. NIght, go find a real job, or make these Avatar movies AMAZING! Get real ASIANS to play the parts and stick to the storyline! Everyone whos reading reviews, dont go wasting your money on a horrible movie, just stay home and watch the animated version, its a million times better!

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1. Harry Said,

Please don’t watch this movie,The Last Airbender, if you and your kids are a big fan of the cartoon you will be disappointed. I wasted an hour and a half of my life that I can never get back!
What happened to the humor and the action in this movie? I was hoping the end of the movie would draw me back in, nope, a huge disappointment! The end sucked!!! If M.Night directs number 2 of The Last Airbender it be another disapointing movie! The characters were all wrong for this movie, not one of the characters were even close to cartoon. Not once did Soka (Sucko) make me or my kids laugh, Uncle Iro wasn’t even fat or funny!!! M. Night please send me my money back if you read this!! Please don’t make any more movies and get real job cause you cannot direct.


Posted by sunnypad on Sep-23-2009

I’ve just recently launched and I really look forward to having fun with it! Right now it’s being hosted on Blogger (hence the url when you visit) but I look forward to getting a new webhost at one point, and host Sunnypad and MomGamers both from there. Right now I’m grateful to the folks at Blogger to host MomGamers.

I’m going to have another guest article on themes4bb posted this week. It’ll be on Evernote for the BlackBerry.

I have a lot of current things to do:

* Fix all the Sunnypad subpages
* Build up this MomGamers site
* Write regular articles for themes4bb

Some other things in the future:

* Make a BlackBerry theme (I want a custom one for my Bold)
* Write an industry book on the Help Desk
* Do some stylesheets for Fastmail.FM’s new interface

Nobex Radio Companion Review

Nobex Radio Companion Review
Posted by sunnypad on Sep-18-2009

I reviewed Nobex Radio Companion for the BlackBerry today for today. It was pretty fun. The actual article and testing didn’t take that long. What took long was me researching and playing with getting screenshots off my BlackBerry.

Chad from themes4bb suggested I use CaptureIt. CaptureIt is a (free!) great little tool- takes screenshots right from your menu and dumps them into your photo directory. It’s perfect! However, there was no menu seletion inside Radio Companion. So I had to find another method.

Researching takes time! I dug awhile and found BBScreenShooter. Also free! One needs to go to a bit of effort to find a Javaloader.exe file in order to get it to work. I went to the RIM site as suggested but couldn’t find the tool – it’s probably hidden in the Developer’s kit which I didn’t feel like downloading. I found a link to the file on CrackBerry and loaded it into the BBScreenShooter directory. Voilà! Great screenshot of the radio screen.

It took me a few short moments to set up my directories and to make sure I got the program assigning file names correctly. A wonderful little program.
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1. Mary Branscombe Said,

You can also assign CaptureIt to one of the convenience keys and then you can capture anything – including app menus. I found BBScreenShooter cumbersome to set up, and while it’s nice to have the choice I haven’t had to use anything but Capture It for the reviews I do for Know Your Mobile (hope you don’t mind the plug in exchange for the info!)


My WoW Ambivalence

My WoW Ambivalence
Posted by sunnypad on Sep-17-2009

I’ve been out of work since July of 2008. Knowing there may be issues finding replacement work, I paid quite a bit of my WoW sub in advance so that I could play this year. Well, I’ve got until September 30 to play. Then I’m going to need to let my subscription lapse, seeing I have no income and can’t really ask my husband to pay for my continued sub. It’s also coming at a time where we just found that his work is going to be reduced even further to where I actually don’t know how we’ll survive. We may have enough to pay the mortgage, have one year left on the car, and maybe some food. What about our other bills? I’m trying to find additional work but it just hasn’t come yet. Say a little prayer for us!

I’m having good and bad feelings about leaving. I sent all my friends in-game mail to let them know. Here’s what it said:


Hey there!

I’ve not been around in awhile. It’s been a busy summer. 🙂 I may be leaving WoW for an extended period – my sub is up in 3 weeks and I’ve had no work for over a year. I wanted to let you know. When/if I come back I look forward to playing with you again!

Please keep in touch with me. Send me an email. 🙂 You can visit my site – I’m on Twitter too.

Lisa – @gankaku on Twitter
mail: gankaku at fastmail dot fm


For the guild masters, I’ve sent a similar message, letting them know I’ll be gone for an extended period and I hope they won’t kick me out of the guild while I’m gone, but understanding if they do. I mean, I might not come back. Yeah, there’s nothing more lonely than logging onto a character, finding out you’re out of a guild full of folks you used to laugh and chat with daily. You rarely friend them all because well, they’re in your guild and your friend list can only take so many entries.

So, here’s how I’m feeling right now about my leaving.

The bad feelings:

* I have several good friends on WoW whom I can only find there. We’ve gotten to know each other and chat about our lives. Even if I don’t want to play a particular day, I can check in and see who’s on and chat. I’ve sent them my email but I don’t particularly see any of them keeping in touch with me that way much.
* WoW’s been a good distraction for me through the time I’ve been out of work. I won’t have that particular social/gaming distraction anymore.
* I’ll miss my characters, with all their abilities, mounts, pets, crafting, and hanging out in the city after a day’s leveling.
* I’ll miss the ones I’ve not started yet – sitting there, named and waiting.
* I made a new character yesterday on Ner’zhul so that I could chat with my long-time friend, who moved one of his characters over from Gurubashi. His hunter there was Elrushbo, but he got an alliance change when he moved from Guru. He put Elrushbo on the Alli side, and named him Rodi. I was there for the rebirth. His pet Elb was still with him. It was a poignant moment, especially since I don’t know if I’ll be coming back. Elrushbo/Rodi is only at level 70 and ZombieLisa and he played together nearly all the way to 70. *sigh*

Rodi is the former Elrushbo of Gurubashi. He wanted his hunter on Nerzhul, moved it and changed alliances.
Rodi on Ner’zhul is the former orc hunter Elrushbo on Gurubashi; he moved his character and transferred alliances.

* I will miss my other friends on other servers. Kildoor and Hrantius on Fizzcrank. Mesoevil on Gurubashi. Quasievil on Gurubashi (who had his account hacked and I no longer see his characters – maybe he deleted them!) I still have contact outside WoW with my ex-coworkers so I’m happy about that.

The good feelings:

* I can play some other games I’ve been looking forward to playing: getting back into Oblivion and checking out some of the new user mods, trying Morrowind, finishing my Zelda DS game my son’s been bugging me to finish, playing with my son more on the Wii.
* More time for exercise. Over the summer I exercised more when I wasn’t playing WoW. Good for me!
* I’m working on a small venture (more to come later), on this website, and guest blogging for
* I’ve had more time to catch up on tech news and social networking while not on WoW.
* Job hunting will be top of the list and if I can start bringing income in again, that will be a great thing!

Next time I’ll post about what I liked and didn’t like about WoW. I’ll be able to look at the “didn’t like” list when I’m feeling sad about not being able to play.

Main Tabs Completed

Main Tabs Completed
Posted by sunnypad on Jun-19-2009

Main tabs are now set up with info transferred from the old Sunnypad; links to the old site pages are available now.

I’ll be converting these pages eventually; and fixing the front page; adding back AdSense and installing some widgets.

Still wondering what to do with my haiku – dedicate a page to it, or just blog some here and categorize them as haiku. Hmmm….

Welcome to the new Sunnypad!

Welcome to the new Sunnypad!
Posted by sunnypad on Jun-9-2009 is converting to WordPress. I’ve always wanted to set up a blog on the site. When I realized that WordPress could be potentially used to run the entire personal website, I toyed with the idea of converting my old html site to WordPress.

I wanted this site to look neater, cleaner, and more organized. WordPress will allow me to post entries, of course, but also I can keep some static pages for the downloads that I keep on the site for folks.

Speaking of the downloads and other pages, you may still access the site’s pages if you have bookmarked the urls to those pages. If you have bookmarked the page for my Kyodai downloads, for example, you can still get to that page via that url. I will slowly be converting the entire site to be accessible from these WordPress pages. Until then, if you don’t have the bookmarked pages, and end up here on the main page looking for anything, please send me an email at this website name, let me know what you’re looking for and I’ll send you the link.

It’s my goal to have a fresher looking site that is more readily updated. Enjoy!