Big Sky. Big Sunrises. Big Sunsets.

I loved Northern Virginia when we lived there, and would love to go back. All my friends are there. Living there is a wonderful thing. However, one thing I miss seeing there is big, open sky. Sunrises and sunsets. In the city and metro area there, you can only see buildings, more houses, tall stuff. There are lots of trees (nice) but you don’t get big open sky until you drive out further.

Here in Central Pennsylvania, we have big sky. Big, open sky and open land. It’s like your lungs can breath easy. Your eyes are at ease, your body at ease.  We can look out of the front door each morning and see a colorful sunrise, and look out the back each evening and see a beautiful sunset.

My son and I have been taking pictures of them. Each one is different. Some are lovely. Some wispy. Some full-sky glorious. Pinks, purples, oranges, reds. I’d like to post some here from time to time!

Here are two sunrise pictures from yesterday morning. It was a full-sky of pink and orange, and just so gorgeous.
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The sunrises here in Central Pa are wonderful. This was yeste... on Twitpic

This was a sunset a couple of weeks ago:
And a sunset from last week... on Twitpic