Moving Across Country with Pets

In response to this article about moving with pets, here is my comment synopsis on our recent move from Pennsylvania to California with our pets.

We just moved across the country from Pennsylvania to California in a van, with our cat and three bird cages of birds. Five days! I’m telling you….it was something else. The birds were absolutely fine. I left them in the car overnight (it was autumn and not too cold). I didn’t change their papers the entire way because I was afraid of them getting out. So all that was good.

But the cat. He was in a good sized dog cage. He is a territorial indoor-outdoor cat with a routine of guarding the house during the day and his yard at night. He had a thing down and had the best of both worlds. This move was really hard on him. It was a pain to clean his box twice a day when he poo’d because we couldn’t let him out of the cage. And he’s not a good coverer, so it did smell really bad in a van. So we had to stop and clean it every time. And he yowled and yowled he wanted out. But during the day he slept hard. We also left him in the van to sleep at night.

I did use this product called Feliway. It did help calm him. Some. A little. Very little. But every bit of help helps.

When we finally got to the destination, and we settled into the apartment, he was let out to roam. The first thing he did is find a corner and pee 😦 So we put a box there as well as left the one in his cage.

His cage is still up (we’ve been here two months+). He just goes in there to use the box. He still wants out and paws at the window. I will get him (eventually) a cat tree and things to sit on so he can look outside better. He has his place by the window now. Rescue Remedy helped at the apartment to not be so stressed. I think it takes the edge off. I had toys and we played with him but all he wanted was out. He still wants out at night. Sometimes I feel bad for him, but you know, I want a house again too. So….one day hopefully we can get a house and he can establish his cat guard routine there.

I had to do all the paperwork like this article mentioned. States like California and Florida have border guards and they will inspect your vehicle. All the work I did beforehand, though, for the vets, my cat, and my plants…when we got to the border, the guard just said, “Go.” We were surprised. I’m still glad I went through all the plant/cat/bird inspection process. I learned a lot.

With all these things in our van, we had little room for anything but bags. Just FYI if you plan to drive pets across country you won’t have space for much more than a few bags. Keep that in mind.

We shipped all our home items via U-Haul storage containers. It was fabulous, and less expensive than PODS. It took them a long time to arrive but well, it took us a long time to arrive across the country too.

To everyone else who makes long trips with their pets, good luck. It can be kind of tough and a little scary and frustrating, but if you care for and love your animals do all you can to make them comfortable and be prepared to have plenty of patience and wherewithal for your trip.


My Twitter Account

Four days since I sent Twitter support messages regarding my suspended account.  Unfortunately, when (if!) I get it back I’ll be using the account differently. Although I didn’t do anything wrong that I know of, who knows what happened! Maybe a service that my account connects to spammed my account with some sales message. Maybe someone was having a bad day and one of my harmless tweets rubbed them the wrong way and they reported me. Maybe people are sick of seeing my posts about genetically modified food. If so, unfollow me then, but don’t report and get me suspended.

I have no idea what went wrong and am sad to lose access to my account where I follow and have over 1K followers. Perhaps I will get my account back, perhaps not. I’ve been reading up and Twitter seems to suspend accounts for no rhyme or reason, or even accidentally. Seriously? Most people complaining about suspended accounts have realized they’ve been following aggressively but that’s not me.

I’m careful about what I let in my Twitter feed, but sometimes some really bad garbage gets in there. That person will usually get an unfollow from me. But there are some people who have extremely different views from me. I’m pretty opened minded and give plenty of leeway when it comes to opinion. Instead of reporting them when they post crazy messages, I just let them have their say. This is free speech. Sometimes I will learn something from their view. And if I don’t want to listen, I can unfollow. Not report, which is what  a lot of people do instead, because they’ll just get flustered and angry when someone may have a different viewpoint than theirs.

I wonder why celebrity accounts never get suspended? I mean they promote themselves and their products and services all the time, but I’ve seen posts from average people who’ve had their accounts  suspended for promoting their books or businesses. It’s not fair.

I allowed one woman on my list because I liked some of her tweets. Then she started peppering them with advertisements…many a day. I didn’t report her but her account I think qualifies for suspension. Why do these people get away with this, but the average person using Twitter to chat and make friends and post/retweet interesting links and news cannot have the freedom to do so without fear of suspension?

Twitter is a lovely service, and I’m missing it desperately. However, if I don’t get my account back soon, I’ll be setting up a new account, keeping the real people on it only to the close friends I’ve made, and then the rest will be news sources. No more making my account for sharing interesting news with people or chatting with just anyone. No more using Twitter fully like it’s meant to be used. It’s very sad but this suspension has dramatically changed my view of a sweet service.

Google Reader – Why the Fuss?

RSSThe major organizational tool to date has been Google Reader, which has the main functionality of organizing your feeds into folders, and servicing up those feeds either on screen through its reader, or through a variety of applications and websites who like their way of formatting the feeds for you. Some websites and applications have built their business solely on reading and synchronizing with Google Reader. I can’t imagine that those websites and tools will remain.

One of my favorite tools was FeedDemon. Unfortunately the developer will stop further development on the tool. It will continue to work, but will no longer sync with Google Reader.

So how do we find new tools that work for us? How do we find those that allows us to store and organize our feeds from our favorite blogs, and present it to us in a pleasant format? Is it possible we can find one that synchronizes feeds we’ve already read between tablet and desktop, so that when we move between the two we’re not wasting time re-reading articles?

Fortunately there are some tools both old and new that will allow us to continue to efficiently move through hundreds of articles quickly. I will explore those in the next post.

Internet and Technology Shift

Times are a’changin’ …and fast!   Since the beginning of the internet and the personal computer  before that, applications were software that was ball-and-chained to the desktop.

Now with the recent advent of mobile apps on phones and tablets, the scene is changing very rapidly. This is a time of fresh movement for technology. Right now it’s all about apps. They need to look good, be simple to use and have great features. They must sync with your browser extension or desktop software, between all devices and across all platforms.  It’s an exciting time with many new apps being released daily.

Unfortunately, the movement means the old sometimes gets let go, even if the old is still being clung to by the masses.  One such old technology is Google Reader. Google announced today that its popular RSS aggregator will get the axe in July.  I am so sorry to see this extremely useful tool go.  The current is washing away not only the smaller pebbles but also some of the larger rocks.  Don’t be surprised to see more programs, applications and services be washed away into the ocean where 300-baud modems float.

Life Mistakes


I posted this on today:

I told my daughter yesterday that I made a LOT of mistakes in my life. “I wonder…,” I said, “what would my life be like if I could go back and fix all those mistakes? To not do them?”

My daughter said, “Your life would probably be the same!” We laughed hard.

I’ll always think of her answer now when I think of my question. And I wonder if what she said is true.

What lights you up?

I just saw a tweet from Huffington Post:

TRAGIC: WWII vet dies waiting for VA benefits

This poor veteran died because of backlog of paperwork. That’s ridiculous, but more than likely the reason is what his daughter-in-law described:

“It’s almost like the government is waiting for him to die so they won’t have to pay the benefits. And that’s what happened,” his daughter-in-law Rebecca Scott told Fox 29. “I’m at a loss for words as to how these men and women have been treated.”

I’m horrified and furious at how we treat one another in this country…mostly how health businesses and government can treat us. Here is my comment I posted on that news article.

God forbid you get sick in this country. Or old. “THEY” (i.e. corporate and government greedies) just don’t want the old or sick to live because it costs too much to take care of them. What happened to all the benefits I paid when I was young? Whose pockets did those go into? The elderly and ill, no matter whether they bled for our country, fed our country, used their minds or brawn for our country, are getting shuttled out of hospitals while still sick because they can’t pay, or because the “greedies” don’t want to care for them anymore due to cost. It’s a total travesty and we American citizens needs to change this with our votes, letters, and total striving for change of our system. If we don’t make changes, this will happen to us all more frequently, and soon we’ll be another third-world nation in the way we act and appear to other nations…greedy, corrupted, unwilling to care for or help our fellow neighbors, a God-less country. Unfortunately, we’ve already begun to be looked at that way around the world. What has this nation become, and what is it becoming? We need to stand up for huge change.”

I’ve not blogged for a long time – busy with life stuff. I’m also an extremely sensitive person and have been undergoing a lot of stress. How life is right now in the past two years has really been getting me down, so I try to avoid the stressful situations by doing things that are fun or relaxing to me. I’ve been escaping into these things a lot.

But after reading this article, I think maybe I need to put some of that energy into fighting. I hate that scientists without a God are genetically modifying our food. I hate that greedy people with no fear of punishment are controlling our health care systems.  I hate that people with money care nothing about people with no money, going on living their lives like nothing is wrong in this world. I hate that we go in and fiddle with other country’s governments, getting innocent people killed in the process. I’m so angry I could explode.

I wish I could live in a peaceful little world but a real world like that is not there anymore. I’m trying to make myself busy and avoid talking about these things because I just feel helpless, and angry when I do start talking about them. There’s no where for that anger to vent. In order to care for myself I escape. However, it’s just not working.

For some time, I’ve been extremely interested in working in the industries that require genetically modified foods to be labeled. I’m also learning about seeds, seed saving and heirloom seeds. I’m looking into organic farming and hiring myself out or volunteering to work on one to learn the ropes. I have no knowledge or experience in any of these things but this is a cause that lights me up!

What cause lights you up? Is it the article I posted about the vet? Health care? Treatment of animals? The goverment and its corruption? DO FREAKING SOMETHING ABOUT IT!! Get a job with these agencies and push the paperwork through fast. Find and implement a method to do this. Join an organization that forces labeling of all genetically modified food (me!) Write to your legislators about health care – heck BE one of the legislators who changes health care in this country for the good. Our President is trying but it’s not enough. He needs help! Join an animal organization and help animals in need. A country that doesn’t respect its animals and nature is no good country at all.

LET’S DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. ALL OF IT. I want America to be a nation that is beautiful again.